Multiline Bike Mount - Prime Magnet

The newest, and one of the most exquisite products from Multiline World have just arrived. Bike Mount Prime Magnet is a smartphone bike holder that is designed to be universal for all smartphone devices.

Flexible Silicon Pad






It seems like quite some time and effort has been invested into designing the new package, and the product itself, that looks modern and futuristic. The product itself is made of the highest quality material and it lets you feel the quality in your hands. Quite contributing to the Multiline’s World of Power.

The product itself uses double layer protection that makes sure your phone stays safe during the strong bumps and vibrations. It uses Prime Magnet, that is developed of six rare earth magnets and the soft silicon lock system to enhance the device protection. The magnet profile is ultra slim which adds an extra slim feeling while the product is attached to the bike.

The product itself is made to stay flexible while holding the device safely. Its design allows you to adjust the holder for multiple viewing angles without any trouble, we’ve tried to simulate bumps and vibrations and this holder was perfectly stable with device attached on it.



What's inside the box?

The package contains everything you need to easily assemble and mount the product. Prime Magnet, Handlebar Mount and Silicon Rubber Pad are the main parts that will be assembled, even though the Silicon Rubber Pad is an extra layer of protection. You’ll also receive rectangular metal plate and circular metal plate, as well as two pieces of protective film.

What's inside the box?

Multiline Karbon Magnetic Prime - Car Holder - Air Outlet

In addition to bike holder we presented above, Multiline World has decided to enrich their assortment with new prime car holder. This product comes in three colors and stands for one of the most powerful, enriching and modernized products yet seen on the market.


The product is designed of several layers that are manufactured of extremely high quality materials. The Shockproof Impact Rubber sustains the vibrations thus improving the general stability of your device, while attached. Six Neodymium Magnets ensure the strength and long-term stability of your device. 

The GripMax technology increases the safety and strength of this product by approximately 40%, compared to older technologies used.



What's inside the box?

The box contains Prime Magnetic Mount that’s easily attached to car’s air outlet. Two protective films and choice between rectangular and circular metal plate is also included.