Pre-Owned Apple Devices Available

Provider Pre-Owned Apple iPhone’s now available at GSM Parts Center

As demand increases for Apple iPhone’s everyday, the retail prices stay very high. Which means that only big retailers(such as Mediamarkt/Coolblue/Amazon) can only profit from the sale of iPhone’s. For smaller businesses and repair shops it’s hard to compete with these big retailers. This is why, we at GPC, studied this closely and decided to add pre-owned iPhone’s to our stock.


What are Provider Pre-Owned iPhone’s exactly?

The word actually says it all, the iPhone’s were previously owned by big telecom providers such as T-mobile, Verizon, Vodafone and many more. All devices are full original and sourced directly from the providers after they have been techinically and optically tested and graded. With graded, we mean in what shape the phone is, such as Grade-A: being as good as new. Grade-B: you may see small usage spots.

All of the devices are sim lock free and have not been techincally altered, or as many call it refurbished/revised. This means the phones have never been opened or repaired before. This means you can offer your customers a completely original iPhone without any hesitation about the quality. All you have to tell the customer, that the iPhone may have slight usage traces, but that’s why they pay up to 50% less than the retail price.


Start selling iPhone’s with higher profits

Give the option to your customers to consider a pre-owned Apple iPhone for a much lower price. Prices of Provider Pre-Owned iPhone’s are up to 50% lower than retail prices.

We at GPC understand better than anyone, that you want to satisfy your customer as much as possible but on the other hand you also want to have a decent profit. That’s why we only add iPhone’s to our stock where we think our customers will have a decent profit. If we see a batch is too high in price, we refuse to add it to our assortment.



All iPhone’s are delivered in a complete retail box

We deliver the iPhones in a retail ready box, including a charger, adapter, sim-ejector and a manual. You may ask, why no headphones inside the box? This is because we source the iPhones in bulk quantity, without any retail box. All extra items such as a retail box and its content result in a higher sell price and we want you as a seller to have a good profit. Usually the end consumer understands that the iPhone doesn’t come with a headset, which also means you can sell an extra accessory in your shop.




Wide range of models available

Take a look on our online webshop right now. We offer many different models and specifications of Apple iPhone’s:

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