Multiline Chargers Available in Brand New Product & Packing Design

Multiline Chargers & Power Banks available at special prices

Multiline is a manufacturer of chargers and power banks for all electronics, including smartphones and tablets. Check below for Multiline products we sell at GSM Parts Center, as well as new product and packaging style & design.

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Multiline 3X Power USB Travel Charger 3.1A

Multiline Triple Charger is an ideal accessory for those who usually need to charge multiple device in short time. Its 3.1A outputs ensure that your electronics charge in no time, while its simple yet beautiful design makes it perfect accessory for your device.

This charger will be available for purchase within 14 days.


This chargers comes in three different editions, the difference between these editions is the cable included within package:

  • Lightning Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Type-C Cable

Multiline Dual Power USB Car Charger 2.4A

Another Multiline product with exceptional design that will amaze your customers. Of course, this accessory is made to rapidly charge your devices while you’re in your car. It comes with two 2.4A outputs and in three editions:

Multiline Dual Power Port Travel Charger 2.4A

This dual power port travel charger comes in state of the art packaging with exceptional product design. It utilizes two 2.4A outputs which powers your electronics really fast. You can choose between three types of packaging with different cables:


2600mAh Powerbox
2600mAh Powerbox
4000mAh Powerbox
4000mAh Powerbox
6000mAh Powerbox
6000mAh Powerbox
Type-C Cable
Micro USB Cable
Magnetic Car Holder
Micro USB 2-Port Car Charger
Lightning 2-Port Car Charger
Lightning Home Charger

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